Term 2

Monday 22 May

This week is all about CELEBRATING OUR LEARNING!

O1 are learning how to share their learning with their whanau. Each tamariki has made a GOOGLE SLIDE presentation showing what they know, what they are learning and what they are proud of in Reading, Writing and Maths. We would LOVE to see all our whanau there for us to 'show off'!
Please make an appointment to come and share their pride and excitement. If you have not already done so got to www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the code: k23pp 

We are also continuing our Inquiry into change, chemical change, states of matter and will shortly be 'taking off' on our own discoveries. Please talk plenty with your tamariki so that they can share any experiments we have done. 

Monday 15 May

Happy Mother's Day

Last week:
Last week the "TUNING IN" (kicking off) phase of our inquiry into "CHANGE" continued with a few experiments. In groups we made JELLY and each group had a different variable in their recipe so that we could see if changing little details will affect the outcome of our experiment.
Our different variables were:
1. Control - followed packet directions properly
2. Heat - only used boiling water
3. Cold - only used cold water
4. Room temperature for water and setting
5. Freezing jelly to set
Please have a conversation with your tamariki about which group they were involved in and what they discovered.
On Friday we also made ice cream without using an ice cream maker. Messy, shaky and a whole lot of fun.

This week:
This week we are mainly working on preparing for our Learning Celebrations next Wednesday 22 May. If you haven't made an appointment yet please do so, so that your tamariki can be proud of their learning and show off a little bit.

This week we are retelling legends that were referred to in the Moana song, 'You're Welcome'. 
We are looking them up, reading several versions then retelling the story in our own words using Google Slides.

We are taking snapshots of our maths learning to share with you next week. 

We are moving on to the "Finding Out" phase of our Inquiry into change. This means we are starting to find out why things happen.
* Why does baking soda react with vinegar?
* What happens when we add salt to ice? Why do they sprinkle it on roads after it snows?
Why does applying heat to jelly liquid make it set better?

Looking forward to another fun week in O1.

Monday 8 May

Last week:
Last week we had a lot of fun with ice.
What are the 'states of matter?'
Can you change a liquid into a solid?
Ask your child what we discovered.

This week:
We are discussing and talking about 'retelling stories in detail and in sequence'. 
Today we have looked at the Maori legends mentioned in the Moana song, 'You're Welcome'. We will be researching these and learning how to retell them in our own words so that others enjoy listening to us tell stories.


What is an effective way of counting a large quantity of objects?
Why do we need to be able to count objects?
What is estimating and when can you use it?
These are all some of the questions we will be looking at in maths this week. We are starting the week with the 'One Minute Challenge'

We are 'tuning in' to our science topic of 'CHANGE'.
Last wee we looked at the states of matter and their properties.
Over the next term we will be observing, describing and comparing physical and chemical properties of common materials and changes that occur when materials are mixed, heated or cooled. We will be carrying out experiments to test ideas, hypothesise, compare, inspire and be excited about. 
This week we are making jelly and slime.

Learning Celebrations:

Have you booked a time to come in and celebrate your child's learning on 24th May? 
This is a time for our tamariki to show you what they are learning, what they are proud of and where they are heading in their learning.

Kia ora te whanau O1
This week we will be setting up our routines for Literacy, maths, PE and Inquiry.

Over the next few weeks we will be working on getting the tamariki ready to confidently tell you about their learning and their next learning steps. Have you booked a time to let your child lead your through what they are proud of yet? If not , please do. Every child deserves the opportunity to show off and tell you how amazing they are at school.

We will be revisiting and talking about our ORCA values. Please keep asking your child what these are and how they can show that they understand them.

What is our motto and what does this mean to us?
'To be the best we can be'

Our vision: How do we use these to help us make us the best we can be?
Connect - Hono
Challenge - Whakatara
Empower - Whakamana


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